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The Path of First Power Delivery

Last year, our dedicated workforce completed the construction of 1,600 kilometres of transmission lines from Churchill Falls in Labrador to Soldiers Pond on the Avalon Peninsula.  This year, our people are working hard to energize these new transmission lines and deliver power from Churchill Falls to the island for the first time in history.

Energizing our new transmission lines and the electrical facilities required to operate the lines will happen in phases until each piece of the electrical equipment required for first power delivery from Churchill Falls to the island is energized and ready to do its job in the power delivery process.

This summer, first power will be delivered using the line that runs from Churchill Falls to Muskrat Falls and a portion of the Labrador-Island Transmission Link (LIL) that runs from Muskrat Falls to Soldiers Pond. Once first power has been delivered, our workers will focus on completing the remaining work that’s required to fully energize LIL so we’re ready to deliver power generated from the Muskrat Falls hydro facility in 2019. 

Our team recently completed the energization of the new switchyard in Churchill Falls – making the transmission system another step closer to delivering first power. Achieving this milestone was the combined effort over the past five years from General Electric and a number of local companies including Johnson’s Construction, Olympic Construction, Cahill, Grey Rock, K&D Pratt and JSM Electrical.

We’ll be providing updates on our progress regularly as we move closer to first power delivery. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more, or check out our progress videos, like our From Transmission Line Construction to Energization video below, on YouTube.