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Stick-up Zones

While most of the trees in the Muskrat Falls reservoir were harvested before water levels were raised, there are some areas where trees could not be removed. These areas are called stick-up zones.

Stick-up zones exist where trees remain submerged in the river. In these areas, trees maybe visible to river users, or the top of the tree may be fully or partially submerged below the surface of the water. Trees in these areas pose a hazard to those travelling on the river.

We’ve identified and mapped stick-up zone locations to help people safely navigate the Muskrat Falls reservoir. 

There are three types of stick-up zones mapped along the reservoir: 

    1. Nearshore Steep – Areas where the trees are closer to the shore and steep banks (typically about 5m to 10m) from the shoreline.
    2. Nearshore Extended – Areas of shallower shoreline and where the stick ups extend beyond 10m from the shoreline. These areas pose more of a navigation hazard throughout the reservoir as it might not be obvious where the stick ups are located.
    3. Offshore – Areas that are more like “islands” of trees in the river with no clear safe path around them. Please approach these areas slowly and with caution to determine the best route ar ound the area.