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Ensuring Dam Safety

The Muskrat Falls hydro facility has been built to the highest standards of dam safety and has been designed, constructed and monitored to meet Canadian Dam Association (CDA) Dam Safety Guidelines.

Nalcor has a well-established dam safety program for Muskrat Falls and since 2017 we’ve had independent reviews and audits completed. These third-party reviews have consistently concluded that our dam safety program is well-established and continues to meet or exceed the recommendations of the CDA. To review these independent dam safety audits, please visit the “Project Reviews & Reports” section on the following page of our website:

Browse through the links below for more safety tips and information.

Be alert and stay safe around dams

Here’s how you can stay safe when taking part in recreational activities around the Muskrat Falls facility:

  • Pay attention to and obey safety and warning signs. 
  • Stay outside of safety booms, markers and buoys upstream and downstream of the dam. A danger zone upstream of the facility is marked by a floating safety boom. The seasonal boom is installed annually in June and removed in October.
  • Avoid waterways immediately upstream and downstream of the facility as there is a strong water force in these areas and flows and water levels can change quickly and without warning.
  • Stay to the north side of the river and exit at the North Spur to access the portage route. Click on the North Spur portage route section for more information.
  • Watch for hidden hazards and objects and be aware of floating debris, submerged trees and sandbars. Click on thestick up zones section for more information about these hidden hazards.
  • Stay back from the river’s edge and banks along the reservoir where footing may be slippery or the bank unstable.
  • Don’t stand or tie/anchor your boat directly below the dam as rapidly changing water levels and flows can take you by surprise.
  • Be alert for warning sirens. Sirens signal spillway gates are about to open which means a change in where water is discharged, as well as an increase in water levels and flows downstream of the spillway. Click on the “safety sirens” section for more details.

Winter/spring safety tips

Think twice about ice and always keep safety top of mind when participating in outdoor activities. The ice cover around the Muskrat Falls facility is unsafe for recreational use due to fluctuating water flows and changing ice conditions.

Please be aware that there are areas of thin ice and open water on the river and we advise people to avoid the ice and river upstream and directly downstream of the facility.