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Strait of Belle Isle Marine Cable Crossing

Package NoPackage TitleAward DateSuccessful Bidder
LC-PM-186Project Completion System23-Jun-2015Click Here
LC-SB-011Subsea Rock Protection Design, Supply and Installation07-Mar-2014Click Here
LC-SB-034Conduit End Exit Verification13-Dec-2013Click Here
LC-SB-027Supply of Casing04-Dec-2013Click Here
LC-SB-026Drill Bits and Tooling14-Nov-2013Click Here
LC-SB-036Conduit End Connection12-Nov-2013Click Here
LC-SB-023Drilling Fluids Services for HDD Program06-Sep-2013Click Here
LC-SB-024Directional Services for HDD Program06-Sep-2013Click Here
LC-SB-021Civil Works-SOBI22-Aug-2013Click Here
LC-SB-022Provision of Drilling Rig and Surface Spread for HDD Program19-Jul-2013Click Here
LC-SB-003Submarine Cable Design, Supply and Install29-Nov-2012Click Here
LC-SB-018Provision of Third Party Equipment, Manufacturing, Supply, and Installation Surveillance Service27-Nov-2012Click Here
LC-SB-017Ocean Characteristic Monitoring and MetOcean Report13-Sep-2012Click Here
LCP 00728Web-Based Employment and Expenditure Tracking and Reporting Software22-Aug-2011Click Here
LC-SB-002Iceberg Tracking Program19-Aug-2011Click Here
LC-SB-0072011 HDD Pilot Bore Field Investigation Program19-Aug-2011Click Here