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Muskrat Falls Hydroelectric Generating Facility and Labrador-Island Link

Package NoPackage TitleAward DateSuccessful Bidder
CH0052 - 002Muskrat Falls Habitat Compensation Works18-Aug-2016Click Here
CH0049-004CH0049-004 – Installation of Debris/Ice/Safety Boom18-Jul-2016Click Here
CT0327-025HVdc Access and Clearing – Segment 4 Winter Road Access Upgrade11-Jul-2016Click Here
CT0327-024350 kV HVdc Long Range Mountains (LRM) Access Clearing18-May-2016Click Here
CH0049-003Fabrication and Supply of Debris/Ice/Safety Boom07-Apr-2016Click Here
CT0327-051HVdc Clearing – Blocks 17 & 1801-Apr-2016Click Here
CD0510-001Supply and Install Permanent Communications Systems, Optical Transport Network (OTN)21-Mar-2016Click Here
CD0501-004Transition Compounds – Civil Works02-Mar-2016Click Here
CD0510-002Supply and Install Permanent Communications Systems Repeater Buildings06-Jan-2016Click Here
CT0327-017HVdc Clearing and Access – Blocks 15 & 1618-Sep-2015Click Here
CH0009-001Construction of North and South Dams14-Aug-2015Click Here
CT0342-002Transmission Line Construction (HVac 230 kV Modifications & NL Electrode Line)11-Aug-2015Click Here
CD0508Supply and Install Electrode Sites02-Mar-2015Click Here
CT0327-015HVdc Clearing and Access – Section 1 (Blocks Nos. 9, 10, 11 and 12)09-Jan-2015Click Here
CH0008North Spur Stabilization Works23-Dec-2014Click Here
CT0327-014HVdc Clearing and Access – Section 1 (Blocks Nos. 13 and 14)19-Dec-2014Click Here
CT0327-011HVdc Clearing and Access – Section 1 (Blocks Nos. 7 & Partial 6)23-Sep-2014Click Here
CT0327-013HVdc Clearing and Access-Section 1 (Blocks 4, 5 and 6)02-Sep-2014Click Here
CD0502Construction of AC Substations22-Aug-2014Click Here
CT0342Construction of AC Transmission Lines – Island19-Aug-2014Click Here
CD0534Supply & Install Synchronous Condensers at Soldiers Pond15-Aug-2014Click Here
CT0327Construction of 350kV HVdc Transmission Line08-Aug-2014Click Here
PH0015Supply of Isolated Phase Bus25-Jul-2014Click Here
CD0501Supply and Install Converter Stations and Transition Compounds19-Jun-2014Click Here
PT0331-001Supply of Tower Hardware– 350 kV HVdc28-May-2014Click Here
PT0331-002Supply 1.5″ Guy Wire Assemblies 350 kV HVdc26-May-2014Click Here
CH0034Supply & Install Powerhouse Elevator29-Apr-2014Click Here
PT0353Supply of Optical ground Wire (OPGW) 350 kV HVdc16-Apr-2014Click Here
PT0334Supply of Steel Wires – 350 kV HVdc14-Apr-2014Click Here
SD0564Provision of Camp Services (CF)08-Apr-2014Click Here
SH0041Provision of Ground Transportation Services (HVGB-MF)14-Mar-2014Click Here
SM0709Provision of Air Transportation10-Feb-2014Click Here
SM0705Provision of Laboratory Services10-Feb-2014Click Here
PH0014Supply of Generator Step-Up Transformers10-Feb-2014Click Here
PD0537Supply of Power Transformers, AC Substations at CF, MF and SP10-Feb-2014Click Here
SH0040Provision of Garbage Removal and Disposal Services (MF)23-Jan-2014Click Here
PH0016Supply of Generator Circuit Breakers17-Jan-2014Click Here
PT0328Supply of Transmission Liine Conductors-350 kV HVdc02-Jan-2014Click Here
PT0356Stockbridge Dampers20-Dec-2013Click Here
PT0308Supply of Steel Tower Foundations 350kV HVdc20-Dec-2013Click Here
CH0032Supply & Install Powerhouse & Spillway Hydro-Mechanical Equipment19-Dec-2013Click Here
PT0352Supply of Anchor Materials 350 kV HVdc18-Dec-2013Click Here
CT0319AC Transmission Line Construction17-Dec-2013Click Here
SH0018Camp Catering, Housekeeping and Janitorial Services16-Dec-2013Click Here
CH0033Supply & Install Powerhouse Cranes09-Dec-2013Click Here
CH0007Construction of Intake and Powerhouse Spillway and Transition Dams29-Nov-2013Click Here
SH0022Provision of Fuel Supply & Dispensing Services18-Nov-2013Click Here
CD0503-002Construction of Earthworks at Soldier’s Pond18-Oct-2013Click Here
PT0330Supply of Steel Towers-350 kV HVdc10-Oct-2013Click Here
SM0700Provision of Freight Forwarding Services03-Oct-2013Click Here
CD0503-001Construction of Earthworks at Churchill Falls05-Sep-2013Click Here
PT0329Supply of Insulators 350 kV HVdc22-Jul-2013Click Here
SD0565Provision of Geotech Investigation Shoreline Pond Electrodes06-Jun-2013Click Here
PT0335Supply of Anchor Materials – 315 kV HVac22-May-2013Click Here
CH0024Construction of Reservoir Clearing North Bank25-Apr-2013Click Here
PT0303Supply of Hardware 315 kV HVac17-Apr-2013Click Here
PT0300Supply of Transmission Line Conductors 315 kV HVac05-Apr-2013Click Here
SM0701Provision of 3rd Party Quality Surveillance and Inspection Services18-Mar-2013Click Here
PT0307Supply of Tower Foundations-315 kV HVac05-Mar-2013Click Here
PT0302Tower Steels for AC Lines06-Feb-2013Click Here
PT0326Supply of Steel Wires-315 kV HVac28-Jan-2013Click Here
PT0304Optical Ground Wire Conductors (OPGW) 315 kV HVac25-Jan-2013Click Here
PT0301Supply of Insulators 315 kV HVac18-Jan-2013Click Here
SH0054Temporary Site Services10-Jan-2013Click Here
CH0030Turbines and Generators02-Jan-2013Click Here
SH0019Provision of Security Services01-Nov-2012Click Here
SH0020Provision of Medical Services01-Nov-2012Click Here