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The Muskrat Falls Project offers many opportunities for businesses and suppliers, as either a primary contractor to Nalcor Energy, or as a subcontractor to the project’s primary contractors.

Throughout construction, the Muskrat Falls Project will generate more than $1.9 billion in income to labour and business throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, $2.2 billion in Atlantic Canada and an estimated $4.7 billion across Canada. Nalcor Energy is committed to optimizing these benefits and communicating with the business community regarding procurement opportunities. This includes meeting commitments made in:

Nalcor Energy is committed to providing full and fair opportunity on a competitive basis to those who wish to participate in supplying goods and services to the project.

Significant procurement activity for the project is already underway, with most procurement activity scheduled from 2013-15.

Learn more about the procurement process and opportunities for your business by navigating the links to the left.