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May 26, 2020: Preparing to restart construction & commissioning

With our worksites placed in care and maintenance mode for almost three months, we are now preparing to safely and gradually resume construction and commissioning of the Muskrat Falls Project on May 30. As we work through the process to safely resume work, we will be adhering to the new protocols and guidelines that have been developed for the protection of workers from COVID-19 in the construction industry. The health and well being of our workers, along with their families and the greater community, is our top priority.

With this in mind, we plan to slowly increase the number of workers at our Muskrat Falls and Soldiers Pond sites to ensure all new protocols and guidelines are implemented and followed. This means work on the project will look different during this time, and productivity will be reduced. By the end of June, we anticipate there will be about 150 construction workers at Muskrat Falls and 80 at Soldiers Pond. The workforce at the Muskrat Falls site is expected to increase to approximately 250-300 workers over the summer.

As a result of the time lost since work was suspended in March and the requirement to slowly resume work activities going forward, we expect the project will be delayed by at least four months. Depending on the number of workers and the level of productivity we are able to achieve in the coming months under the new health guidelines, the project could potentially face an additional two to six month delay on its final completion.

“Suspending work in March was a difficult decision but the right one for the protection of our workers and communities,” said Nalcor CEO Stan Marshall. “COVID-19 may be contained in this Province for the time being but it is not conquered. Its full impact on the cost and schedule on the Project is yet to be determined. I can only assure you that we will continue doing everything we can to mitigate the impact without compromising people’s health and safety. We will keep you informed as we progress.”

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