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Letter to Mayor Jamie Snook regarding Nalcor’s investments in Happy Valley-Goose Bay – October 2015
Letter to MP Yvonne Jones regarding employment opportunities at Muskrat Falls – April 2015
Letters from Dr. Serge Leroueil regarding North Spur stabilization at Muskrat Falls – January 2015
Letter to MP Yvonne Jones regarding employment practices at Muskrat Falls – November 2014
Letter to MP Yvonne Jones regarding Muskrat Falls hiring processes – February 2014
Correcting misinformation pumped out in recent blog with post script – Jan 21, 2014

Letters to the Editor

Providing accurate information on Muskrat Falls, Gilbert Bennett – July 2014
Muskrat Falls remains the best option for NL, Ed Martin – July 2014
More questions asked-more questions answered, Ken Marshall – April 2014
Responsible development and oversight go hand-in-hand, Ken Marshall – April 2014
Wangersky incorrect: Muskrat Falls underwent intensive due diligence from Canada for loan guarantee, Derrick Sturge – Feb. 2014