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  • June 12, 2018: Nalcor provides details on Muskrat Falls site incident. Early this morning, June 12, there was a safety incident at the Muskrat Falls generation construction site. The incident happened while a crane was undertaking work on another piece of equipment. There are no serious injuries as a result of the incident. Astaldi Canada has suspended its day shift and has started a full investigation into the incident. Safety is our number one priority. Immediate action was taken by our Lower Churchill Project site team and Astaldi Canada to address today’s incident. Astaldi’s suspension of their day shift is a proactive step to ensure the necessary steps are taken. We will ensure a full safety investigation is completed and that the contractor and its workers implement all safety recommendations that might be identified following this incident.

           Astaldi Canada will provide further details on the incident.



  • November 8, 2017: Nalcor responds to comments about the transmission projectAs noted earlier this week, no structural integrity or safety issues have been identified on the towers along the Labrador-Island Transmission Link.Nalcor has completed an inspection, or walk down, of the transmission line, which is standard practice prior to the final hand-over of assets from a contractor. During this handover and inspection process, it is not uncommon for items to be identified for the contractor to correct. Nalcor contracted a local company, Team Industrial, to complete the transmission line inspections.The structural engineer of record, Quanta Subsurface, has verified that the welding work completed to attach the transmission towers to the base meets and exceeds the loading (weight and movement) requirements of the towers.


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Media Contact

Media enquiries related to Muskrat Falls and the Lower Churchill Project should be directed to:

Karen O’Neill
Communications Manager, Lower Churchill Project
t. 709-737-1427
c. 709-690-2012