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Nalcor releases new North Spur reviews

Nalcor and SNC-Lavalin regularly review our work and in doing so engage third-party experts to complete external reviews and validation.

We engaged a geotechnical review group with extensive knowledge and research on landslides and the behavior of sensitive clays to examine the engineering documentation available for the North Spur and to specifically look at some of the main areas of concern raised by Dr. Stig Bernander and his colleagues in relation to the North Spur.

In addition, the Government of Canada, Natural Resources Canada, engaged its Independent Engineer for the Muskrat Falls Project to review Dr. Bernander’s and his colleagues’ comments in relation to the North Spur. 

Finally, we have also released a response from SNC-Lavalin, the project’s design engineer, to the comments raised by Dr. Bernander and his colleagues.

The three documents are below: