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May 1, 2020: Measures in place for rotation change of essential workers at Muskrat Falls site

We’re maintaining essential systems and operations at the Muskrat Falls site. The workforce during the care and maintenance period includes those with specialized skills, management, forepersons, shop stewards and craft workers. This team is responsible for spillway operations and dam safety monitoring; site services such as medical, safety, security, catering and accommodations; and, monitoring the facilities such as heating, lighting, and dewatering/pumping systems.

Only those individuals who are essential in maintaining the site are working at Muskrat Falls. The workforce includes workers from central Labrador and other regions of Labrador, as well as workers from the island. All workers remain on site for the full duration of their two-week rotation.

The next rotation of workers is planned for Monday, May 4. The current plan is for 90 workers going to site for this two-week rotation including 35 workers from across Labrador and 55 workers are travelling from the island.

Safety measures
We’ve put a number of measures in place to ensure people’s health and safety while protecting the community. These include temperature checks before travelling and while at site, pre-screening questionnaires, on-site screening and monitoring, flight and bus travel protocols, and physical distancing to name a few measures.

The following safety bulletin will be distributed to all workers travelling on charter flights from the island to Labrador.

More information on the safety measures in place is available at the links below:
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