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March 27, 2020: COVID-19 Update from Nalcor on the Muskrat Falls Project

We are actively monitoring and addressing the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and the potential risks to our people, our communities, and site operations. We have put precautionary measures in place to ensure the health and safety of our workers. Here’s a status update on our Muskrat Falls Project sites.

Soldiers Pond Site, Avalon Peninsula
We are ramping down work at the Soldiers Pond site placing it into care and maintenance mode as of Saturday, March 28. This means that all commissioning work currently being performed on site, including work on the three synchronous condensers, will be suspended. We will continue to evaluate the situation.

Muskrat Falls Site, Labrador
On March 17, we suspended construction activities at the site. A limited number of people remain at site maintaining essential systems and operations.These personnel will continue monitoring all of the structures that make up the facility. All structures continue to perform as expected and there are no safety concerns with any of the structures. Water levels in the reservoir continue to be maintained.

Latest Update to the PUB
This week, we provided our regular update to the Public Utilities Board (PUB) on how things are progressing on a number of areas within the project. Please click here for additional information provided to the PUB.

Next Steps
At this time, we are unable to provide a reliable schedule forecast at this time for LIL or the generation project. We will continue to monitor and address the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and potential impacts. This information continues to inform our decisions as we take all necessary actions to help protect the health and well-being of our workers, their families, the community and the public.