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Lower Churchill Project moves forward with next major phase of marine cable crossing activity in Strait of Belle Isle

August 28, 2014 – The Strait of Belle Isle marine cable crossing component of the Lower Churchill Project reached a significant milestone today with the completion of the sixth and final bore hole required for the crossing of the Labrador-Island Transmission Link through the Straits.

Drill rig in Forteau_2014

“Work is progressing well on all components of the Muskrat Falls Project and the early and safe completion of the drilling work for the Strait of Belle Isle marine cable crossing is another significant milestone for the project,” said Gilbert Bennett, Vice President, Lower Churchill Project, Nalcor Energy. “Our Strait of Belle Isle marine crossing team and contractors have successfully completed the first phase of this work without any lost-time accidents. I look forward to their continued success and safe work as they progress to the next phases of work.”

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