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June 2020 – COVID-19 measures in place at Muskrat Falls site

Safety measures
In late May 2020, we resumed construction and commissioning of the Muskrat Falls Project. As we work through the process to safely resume work, we are adhering to the new protocols and guidelines that have been developed for the protection of workers from COVID-19 in the construction industry. The health and well being of our workers, along with their families and the greater community, is our top priority. We’ve put a number of measures in place to ensure people’s health and safety while protecting the community. These include temperature checks before travelling and while at site, pre-screening questionnaires, on-site screening and monitoring, travel protocols, and physical distancing to name a few measures.

More information on the COVID-19 safety measures in place is available at the links below:
Incident Response Plan
Temperature Screening Standard
Work Activities Guidelines Standard
Air Travel and Busing Standard
Release from Isolation Quarantine Standard