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Ensuring Dam and Public Safety

Nalcor has an active Dam Safety Program for the Muskrat Falls facility. The facility is being built to the highest standards of dam safety. Construction will be monitored to meet Canadian Dam Association Dam Safety Guidelines. In Jan/Feb 2017, Hatch completed an independent Dam Safety Review & Audit of the Dam Safety Management Plan. View Hatch’s full audit report here.

Learn more about what we are doing to keep our hydro facilities and the public safe.

Keep Our Facilities Safe

The Muskrat Falls generating facility is being built to the highest standards of dam safety and construction. The dam safety program includes detailed inspections, monitoring and analysis for the entire life of the Muskrat Falls facilities.

  • Monitoring equipment will be installed on the dams and structures at Muskrat Falls and will be collected, monitored and analyzed.
  • Regular monitoring will be conducted for: structure movement; water pressure; water flow & seepage; slope, foundation & joint movement; temperature; and seismic acceleration.
  • There will be on the ground daily, weekly and monthly inspections.
  • On-going monitoring and analysis of instrumentation.
  • Ongoing monitoring will continue during operations.