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Two major achievements reached

May 17, 2021: We reached two major milestones this past weekend on the Muskrat Falls Project – first power flow from the 2nd unit at Muskrat Falls and synching the 1st synchronous condenser at Soldiers Pond to the grid. Thanks to the teamwork of our project partners, contractors, unions and workers who contributed to these achievements.

There are three synchronous condensers at Soldiers Pond that help maintain grid stability and reliability and are needed to enable the flow of power over the Labrador-Island Link (LIL). The 2nd and 3rd units are expected to be synched later this year. Testing on the 1st unit will continue prior to putting it into service.

There are 4 generating units at Muskrat Falls. Unit 1 flowed first power in Sept 2020; units 3 and 4 are expected to reach first power this summer and early fall respectively. Testing of unit 2 will continue over the coming weeks until we’re ready to put the unit into service.