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Strait of Belle Isle Marine Cable Crossing

To transmit power generated at Muskrat Falls to the island of Newfoundland, a 35 km underwater cable crossing will be constructed across the Strait of Belle Isle from Forteau Point, Labrador to Shoal Cove, on the island of Newfoundland.


Site clearing and development will begin in Forteau and Shoal Cove in mid-2013. Once completed, horizontal directional drilling (HDD) activity will begin, with drill rigs and other equipment operating on both sides of the Straits simultaneously to create boreholes for the submarine cables. HDD activities will take approximately 1.5 years to complete.

HDD Illustration

When HDD activities are complete, a cable installation vessel will install the three transmission cables on the sea floor. Rock berms will then be placed over each cable by a rock-laying vessel, to protect the cables from marine vessel traffic and fishing activity. Transmission compounds will also be constructed in Forteau and Shoal Cove.

Rock Berm