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North Dam Completed

Dedicated Team Completes North Dam at Muskrat Falls Generating Facility

Thanks to the dedication of more than 1,700 skilled workers from Barnard Pennecon, Trades NL, and our construction management teams, the North Dam is now complete.

Barnard Pennecon built the North Dam over two construction seasons. It was constructed primarily of roller compacted concrete (RCC) and a smaller amount of conventional concrete. Foundation preparation for the dam was carried out in spring 2017 with the first RCC placed in July 2017. The total amount of all concrete placed was approximately 243,000 cubic metres.

In terms of the North Dam’s position within the generation facility, it is connected to the North side rock knoll and at the other end it is fixed to the Spillway. The North Dam is 450 m long and 39 m high.

Congrats on a great team effort and a special note that the entire North Dam project team was comprised of 96% Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

Click on the here to watch our people constructing the North Dam.

With the North Dam now in operation, all three of the dams (North Spur Dam, South Dam and North Dam) for the Muskrat Falls Generating Facility are complete.

Click here to watch our time lapse movie of the North Dam construction.