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Construction Progress

South Dam Completed

In fall 2017, Barnard Pennecon Limited Partnership completed the South dam. This dam was constructed over two seasons; with foundation preparation and approximately 50% of fill placed in 2016, and the remainder of embankment construction in 2017. This 250 m long dam closes the south part of the reservoir between the south bank and the powerhouse and will hold water in the reservoir. It is a conventional rock-filled dam constructed by building up layers of rock and till material on the underlying bedrock, which serves as a foundation for the dam. A road is also built at the top of the dam to provide access to the intake and spillway.  

Work Progressed on North Dam

Significant work progressed on the North dam this year with more than 100,000 m3 of concrete placed for the North dam. The dam reached an elevation of 15.69 m – that’s about 40% of the required concrete placed.

The North dam is being constructed using a high-density concrete, known as roller-compacted concrete (RCC). Unlike conventional concrete, RCC mix is drier and placed in a manner similar to road building. The concrete mix is spread by bulldozers, and then compacted by compaction rollers into a series of horizontal layers.

Foundation preparation for the North dam began in spring 2017 with Barnard Pennecon Limited Partnership placing the first quantities of RCC in July. More than 30,000 m3 of RCC was placed during the first month of construction, with an impressive peak productivity rate in early September of approximately 3,500 m3/day.

Upon completion, the North dam will be in excess of 400 m long and reaching a maximum elevation of about 39.3 m, making it one of the largest RCC dams in Canada. This is the final major civil component required for the creation of the final Muskrat Falls reservoir.

Click on the image below to view construction of the North dam in 2017 captured in a time-lapse video. 

North Spur Dam Completed

The North Spur is a natural dam on the Churchill River – it is one of the three dams within the Muskrat Falls reservoir. Between April 2015 and August 2017, Gilbert Newfoundland and Labrador Construction Ltd. carried out the construction activities on the North Spur. Designed by SNC-Lavalin, the North Spur dam was reinforced and protected, and now serves as a critical piece of infrastructure for the Muskrat Falls hydro facility.

To learn more about the North Spur Dam, watch our video below. 

Completion of North Spur Dam Construction – Sept 21, 2017