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Muskrat Falls Generating Facility

Building the Muskrat Falls Generating Facility

Rock, concrete, steel, rebar and lots of people power – that’s some of the ingredients to create the many pieces that will fit perfectly together to finalize the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric generating facility. The powerhouse, spillway and three dams including the North Spur dam, North dam and South dam, are the primary components that span the lower Churchill River to create the reservoir – the source of power for the plant.

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Quick Facts:

  • The spillway is made up of five bays with gates that open and close as needed to control the release of water from the reservoir (area upstream of the facility).
  • The intake draws the water from the river into the powerhouse and then onto the turbines and generators where electricity will be generated. Installing the intake gates is the first step in the process of moving water through the powerhouse where electricity will be made.
  • The powerhouse houses the four generating units, which are the mechanical and electrical components required to generate the electricity.