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Labrador Transmission Assets

Transmission lines are required in Labrador to transmit power between Muskrat Falls and Churchill Falls.  The major components of this aspect of the project include:

  • Two 250 km, 315 kV High Voltage alternating current (HVac) transmission lines between the hydroelectric generating facilities at Muskrat Falls and Churchill Falls
  • A switchyard at Muskrat Falls to interconnect the transmission lines with the Muskrat Falls generating facility and the Labrador Island Link
  • A switchyard at Churchill Falls to interconnect the transmission lines with the Churchill Falls hydroelectric generating station.

Construction at all of these sites is underway. Right-of-way clearing is complete, the majority of transmission towers and foundations have been installed, and conductor stringing has started on the transmission line. Construction of the switchyards is also ongoing at Muskrat Falls and Churchill Falls.

At the switchyards, equipment and structural foundations will be installed at the sites following completion of civil works and site preparation at the sites.