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Labrador-Island Link

Construction of the 1,100km Labrador-Island Link (LIL)  was completed in late 2017. 

Labrador-Island Link Map

Major construction activities included:

  • Surveying and constructing infrastructure (access roads, bridges, marshalling yards and temporary construction camps).
  • Site clearing and earthworks for the converter station, switchyard and synchronous condensers as Soldiers Pond.
  • Clearing and preparation for the transmission line right-of-way.
  • Installation of tower foundations.
  • Assembly and installation of transmission towers.
  • Installation of conductor and grounding system.
  • Building a converter station at Muskrat Falls and Soldiers Pond, as well as grounding stations at L’Anse au Diable and Dowden’s Point.
  • Building the Strait of Belle Isle cable transition compounds on each side of the Straits, which act as the transition point between the subsea cable and overhead line.
  • Inspection and commissioning of the line.