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Important Information About Reservoir Impoundment (Updated July 17)

A critical step on the path to first power from the Muskrat Falls generating facility is the creation of the reservoir (impoundment).

The authorized impoundment period is between July 15 and September 30, 2019. Impoundment is anticipated to start on AUGUST 7, 2019. This date is subject to modification and will be communicated publicly as impoundment approaches.

The reservoir is the area upstream of the Muskrat Falls facility – it extends 59km upstream of the facility to Gull Island. By restricting the amount of water passing through the Spillway, we will raise the water levels at Muskrat Falls to create the reservoir. We expect that the water level in the reservoir will reach its final required elevation of 39m by the end of September.   

To learn more about the impoundment process and important safety information, please click here.