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Changes to COVID-19 protocols at Muskrat Falls Site to come into effect June 19

As the province moves forward in its reopening plan, we are taking steps to allow daily commuting for local workers at the Muskrat Falls site.
We have been working with Labrador-Grenfell Health (LGH) as they roll out COVID-19 vaccinations for those living in congregate living, including workers at the Muskrat Falls site. Vaccination uptake has been very successful with more than 90% of workers receiving their first dose. More than 60% of the workers coming to site on June 19 are fully vaccinated, having received their second vaccine before their last two week turnaround break. Thanks to the success of the program, the current vaccination rate of workers at the Muskrat Falls site is higher than the provincial rates for first and second doses.

With the province beginning to reopen, and given the current level of vaccination of workers at the Muskrat Falls site, as of June 19, workers who are permanent residents of upper Lake Melville are now permitted to travel to and from site daily during their rotations. Workers who live in other areas of the province will continue to adhere to the on-site two week rotations in place.
We continue to monitor the situation closely and make the necessary modifications to ensure our COVID-19 protocols and safety measures meet or exceed Public Health guidance.

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