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Changes to COVID-19 protocols at Muskrat Falls site, camp set to close in July.

As the province moves forward in its reopening plan, we are taking steps to align COVID-19 protocols and testing requirements with the Together. Again. plan. We are also taking the necessary steps to safely and permanently close the Muskrat Falls camp.
Aligning with the opening of the Atlantic Bubble, as of June 23, 2021, workers who are residents of Atlantic Canada will not need to self-isolate or require pre-access COVID-19 testing. Having met the requirement set out in Step one of Together. Again. reopening plan, as of July 1, fully vaccinated residents of Canada will not need to self-isolate or require pre-access COVID-19 testing. Partially vaccinated Canadians must self-isolate until they present a negative test. All other testing and isolation requirements for unvaccinated Canadians and out of country workers will remain in place.

In preparation for the closure of the Muskrat Falls camp, effective July 3, 2021, management of LCP, Contractors and Power Supply employees will be able to start living in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and travel to and from site each day. We have initiated planning to permanently close the Muskrat Falls camp, which we anticipate to be closed sometime in July 2021. Once the camp closes, all workers will travel to and from upper Lake Melville to the Muskrat Falls site for the duration of the project.

Thanks to the support of Labrador Grenfell Health (LGH), vaccination uptake at the Muskrat Falls site has been very successful. Currently uptake of first and second doses for workers at the Muskrat Falls site exceeds the overall provincial average.

We continue to monitor the situation closely and make the necessary modifications to ensure our COVID-19 protocols and safety measures meet or exceed Public Health guidance.

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