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April 2, 2020: Measures in place at the Muskrat Falls site to keep people safe

We are actively monitoring and addressing the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and the potential risks to our people, our communities and site operations.

On March 17, we announced the suspension of construction activities at the Muskrat Falls site in Labrador and then placed the site into care and maintenance mode with an essential workforce. This team is housed on site and is tasked with monitoring the facilities on site. The team also carries out essential safety functions, including Spillway operations and dam safety monitoring. This team also has the necessary personnel to provide essential site services, including medical, safety, accommodations and catering services. The care and maintenance team is comprised of around 80 people on site at one time for a two week period.

Craft workers on site with the required qualifications are provided by the contractors working on site. Any worker with concerns about the application of the collective agreement is encouraged to discuss the matter with their union representative.

The safety of our workers and their families, our communities, and the public is of utmost importance to us. We have put a number of precautionary measures in place to ensure people’s health and safety. Some of these safety measures include daily temperature testing of all workers on site, social distancing, updated transportation standard, personnel screening and monitoring standard, and a COVID-19 quarantine plan. These plans are intended to ensure the health and safety of the work force on site during this challenging time.

Here are three of our COVID-19 safety protocol procedures that have been put in place for travel, temperature testing and quarantine plans.