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Public Advisory – Marine & Land Transformer Move

July 13, 2017 – Nalcor today shared detailed information on the schedule and logistics plan for the transportation of seven electrical transformers required at the Muskrat Falls site in Labrador for the Labrador-Island Transmission Link. Marine transportation will begin next week from Bay Bulls to Cartwright followed by the start of land transportation during the last week of July from Cartwright to Muskrat Falls. It is expected that the transportation of all the equipment will be completed by late-September. Further details on the transportation of the equipment are provided below and in the attached advisories.

The seven transformers will begin their journey mid-next week from the Bay Bulls Marine base near St. John’s, to the Muskrat Falls site just outside Happy Valley-Goose Bay. The transformers will be transported via barge to Cartwright, in southern Labrador, by McKeil Marine in two shipments. Each marine transport is anticipated to take approximately three to five days.

It is anticipated that late July, Mammoet Canada will begin road transports to deliver the transformers from Cartwright to the Muskrat Falls site. Four separate road trips are required and each trip is anticipated to take approximately one to two weeks to travel from Cartwright to Muskrat Falls and return back to Cartwright.

“We’ve been working closely with General Electric, the contractor supplying and delivering the transformers, to ensure the transportation operation is carried out with minimal disruption to the public while ensuring the safety of the public and workers involved,” says Stephen Follett, Project Manager – HVdc Specialties, Lower Churchill Project. “The road transports will be very slow moving and controlled, with Safety First contracted to travel with each shipment to provide traffic management.”

Nalcor is committed to providing local opportunities in the communities in which it operates and has worked closely with General Electric to bring contracting and employment benefits to local companies and communities.

“Nunatsiavut Marine, Securitas, Shannahan’s Security Ltd., C&T Enterprises, Northside Motel, Lab Sea Data and Logistics Corp, Capital Crane and United Rentals are companies operating in Labrador that are supplying services for security, lodging, catering, equipment, transportation operations and other supplies and services,” added Follett. “We are happy to see local communities, residents and companies benefitting from the transportation of the transformers in Labrador.”

Nalcor will provide regular updates to the public. This will include updates to the marine and land transport schedule as the transport of material advances and regular updates on the road location of the equipment. Information will be shared through public advisories on local radio stations and newspapers. Nalcor will also provide updates during the transformer moves through social media on Nalcor Energy’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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