More than $1.9 billion in benefits for labour and business in NL.
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Muskrat Falls will power homes and businesses in the province with clean, renewable energy. Learn more about the project here.

More than 5,000 people working on the project at peak in 2015.
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Latest Information

Skilled Newfoundlanders and Labradorians Powering Our Province

Last year, more than 4,650 jobs were filled by people from across our province. Our workers came together to apply their skills and expertise to help us reach 96% construction completion on the Muskrat Falls generation and transmission projects. We thank each and every person for their hard work and their continued dedication to safety, […]

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Tailrace Watered Up

Thanks to the hard work of our project team and contractor Barnard Pennecon, the tailrace channel is now full of water. The process of filling the tailrace channel with water started in November. Excavation work to create the channel started in 2013. The channel is the area between the downstream side of the powerhouse and […]

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