Billions of dollars in benefits for labour and business in NL.

Muskrat Falls will power homes and businesses in the province with clean, renewable energy. Learn more about the project here.

Peak employment during construction reached 6,000 people. 

Learn about the latest construction activity with the project here.

Latest Information

Dam Safety Weekly Monitoring Summary Reports

Our Dam Safety Weekly Monitoring Summary Reports provide a summary of the monitoring and instrumentation readings for the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric generating facility. These reports will be issued weekly during impoundment of the Muskrat Falls reservoir.    We have designed our dam safety monitoring program to detect any effects arising from the force or pressure […]

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Important Information About Reservoir Impoundment (Updated August 14)

A critical step on the path to first power from the Muskrat Falls generating facility is the creation of the reservoir (impoundment). The reservoir is the area upstream of the Muskrat Falls facility – it extends 59km upstream of the facility to Gull Island.  We are currently impounding (raising the level of the water) the Muskrat […]

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